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Brain injuries are one of the most difficult injuries to diagnose and treat, because there may be little or no visible external injury. Many people in accidents find that symptoms develop over time and are more commonly noticed by friends and family than by the injured party. These cases require an experienced Houston brain injury lawyer who knows how to assess the injury and how it extensive the recovery may be, to calculate damages accordingly.

People who suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) tend to cope with the challenges of learning to deal with permanent brain damage for life. A survivor of a traumatic brain injury can suffer the loss of physical and mental abilities. Often times, a TBI will also affect the family and loved ones of the victim who deal with affording prolonged medical treatment and daily care that is often required due to such serious injuries. The monetary expenses associated with living with TBI can accumulate quickly and wreck a family’s savings in a short amount of time.

If you or a loved one have suffered a TBI due to the negligence of malfeasance of another, it is your right to seek compensation from the party responsible for causing the injury. Here at Pusch & Nguyen we are committed to helping our clients and their families overcome the injustice of such an overwhelming injury by making sure the responsible parties are held accountable. Call us now for a free consultation.

Accidents that Cause TBI

TBI can result from construction accidents, violent crime, bicycle collisions, motorcycle crashes, slip and fall accidents, and motor vehicle collisions. TBI may not be preventable in all cases, but if another person, corporation, or business caused the incident which resulted in TBI due to their negligence or malfeasance, the civil court system allows a victim and/or surviving family members to seek compensation.

How TBI Can Impact my Life?

The entirety of the after-effects resulting from TBI may not be completely obvious after an injury, and sometimes do not become apparent until later. For that reason, continuing understanding of the effects of such an injury is necessary. The results of TBI can vary depending on the region of the brain affected and the seriousness of the injury. Howver, there are generally certain effects that tend to be common after TBI:

1. Difficulties with interlocution or communication

2. Difficulties with routine tasks established prior to the injury

3. Inability to return to previous employment

4. Short-term medical costs for immediate treatment of the injury

5. Long-term and on-going medical costs for rehabilitation or daily care

6. Need for additional assistance or care form family or medical professionals

7. Supplemental medical costs for medical equipment or medical supplies

The ultimate consequences surrounding TBI can be exceptionally challenging to deal with. The combination of any number of these consequences can be emotionally and financially crippling. Even when the victim of TBI receives disability, often times that money is not enough to fully afford for the graduated costs of living with the disabilities caused by TBI. Call Pusch & Nguyen, because more often than not pursuing a civil lawsuit is financially necessary in order to afford the costs of living with TBI. We offer free consultation, and you don’t pay if we don’t win.

Common Causes Of Brain Injuries

Car accidents

Motor vehicle accidents cause trauma to victims. Head injuries are common after a collision.

Slip-and-fall accidents

Many underestimate how serious these accidents can be

Sports injuries

Many athletes have suffered concussions from sports such as football, hockey, and basketball


Head injuries are often the result of assaults and other violent crimes

Common Brain Injury Symptoms



Mood Swings


Memory Problems

Poor Concentration

Hearing Loss

Vision Loss

Body Numbness


Why Take Legal Action After a TBI?

Typically, the thought of filing a lawsuit or claim for personal injury damages after you or a loved one has suffered an injury may seem like trouble that you don’t have time for. However, successful litigation can vastly improve the prospects of your future. With Pusch & Nguyen in your corner, not only can we hold the guilty party responsible, but you are in position to obtain a possible settlement to help pay for the costs of future expenses, lost wages, or funeral costs.

A claim for personal injury will also consider the non-financial losses suffered, including loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and even loss of enjoyment of life. Obviously, a financial settlement will not be able to erase the whole ordeal suffered by you and your loved ones, but it may ensure that the path forward in life is easier to deal with.

The human brain is a complicate and sensitive organ, and no matter the severity of the accident, even a minor accident can inflict TBI. Call Pusch & Nguyenfor a free consultation, and we will fight tooth and nail to do everything we can to obtain a favorable settlement.

Do I Have a Good Case?

The answer is dependent on the unique details of each case. The only way we can answer that question is if you give us a call Pusch & Nguyen at 713-524-8139 for a free consultation; we can go over your and fully explain your options. Generally, there are several factors that can affirmatively strengthen your case and provide you a better opportunity to obtain a fair settlement for the injuries sustained by you or your loved ones.

To win at trial, you need to show that someone else acted negligently and that said conduct directly caused an injury. Negligence is when someone acts or fails to act in a reasonable way. For example, if someone drives their car off of a cliff causing themselves to be injured, there is no obvious implication that any other person was negligent in that situation. Contrarily, if that person had there brakes serviced recently, and the mechanic, knowing the brakes were out, assured them their brakes were in order, and the brakes failed causing the person to drive off a cliff and be injured, then there is a clear chain of negligence resulting in injury and the mechanic might be held liable for damages.

Proving your case on your own is extremely difficult, and that is why having a seasoned personal injury lawyer is crucial. At Pusch & Nguyen we have extensive experience in personal injury, and a great deal of expertise in helping our clients obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.

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